About Us

Luxury Clothing with Ease

Jomonde international limited is an international brand that has, over the years, met the expectations of thousands of clients –including returning and referred clients in more than 15 countries with our premium ready-to-wear outfits. We also hold the record of being the sole distributor of Hermose Suits in Nigeria.

Jomonde international limited is classy, stylish, elegant, and above all, comfortable –just perfect as you’d love it. All you have to do is to imagine it, and we’d have it clung to your body like a second skin.

At Jomonde International Limited, we provide you with exquisite premium ready-to-wear, affordable and exclusive wears that’d give you a million-dollar look. We help you step up your drip and confidence for whatever reason you are dressing up for. By shopping with us, you can electrify your wardrobe.

Burnt orange double breasted (pant and jacket). Available sizes (46-58). N80000

Amazing, isn’t it?

At Jomonde international limited, you can shop for many luxury clothes without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to light up your wardrobe with us!